Sr product designer based in Singapore. I like to write.

A few days ago, my boyfriend received a message from Singapore’s Ministry of Health (MOH). It notified him that he was issued a COVID-19 Quarantine Order (QO) because he came into close contact with a confirmed case, and that he is required to quarantine for the next 2 weeks.


At Mobile World Congress 2018, something strange and interesting happened. No, I’m not talking about Samsung’s new S9 and S9+ phones (though they are interesting, all right).

I’m referring to the weird phenomenon of Android phone makers copying one of the iPhone X’s worst features—its wildly controversial notch.

To provide…

FastCo Design recently published an article on the iPhone X, explaining (and lamenting) how the iPhone has gone from “the most elegant user experience ever” to a “nightmare”.

It’s an interesting read, and there are a number of valid points. For instance, FastCo notes that the number of iOS gestures…

When Apple introduced iOS 7 in 2013, many said it spelt the death of skeuomorphism in design. And in 2015, when Google rolled out Material Design, many agreed that it hammered a final nail in the coffin for skeuomorphism.

Well, they were quite wrong.

Because flat design — as seen…

Teo Yu Siang (he/him)

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